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Family Dollar Protest

Walk the streets of Louisville’s Russell neighborhood in years past and you’d notice a few things missing.

Critical services and resources were difficult to find. Fresh, nutritious food was in short supply. Hope was hard to come by.

That is until leaders like the Rev. Dr. Jamesetta Ferguson decided to make a change.

“We learned that there are $85 million going outside the community because residents had to go outside the community to do their shopping,” says Ferguson, senior pastor at St. Peter’s United Church of Christ.

For the past 170 years, St. Peter’s has been an integral part of Russell, a neighborhood centered just west of downtown Louisville in one of the poorest zip codes in the United States

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New resources are coming to the Russell Neighborhood. A plaza is set to open next year and it’s thanks to one woman’s vision to provide renewed hope to the area.

Jamesetta Ferguson calls Louisville’s west end home. “I am rooted and grounded in the Russell area,” Ferguson said.

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